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The corn is 10-12 feet high, and you are lost!  Don’t be scared off though, we have corn cops (staff in yellow shirts or orange vests) who will make even the most feared feel ‘OK’ and offer help on finding your way out of the field.  There are approximately 2 miles of trails to get lost in, so please wear comfortable shoes.

This year’s maze celebrates a local hero Jeremy Stoke, the Redding firefighter who lost his life during the Carr Fire. It might sound strange, but you'll be following the outline of his face as you follow the pathways cut into the corn. The maze is split into 2 sections, so if one is tired or wants to quit early, they can. Many decide to get a cool refreshment, rest for a few minutes, then continue on with the challenge to conquer the second half of the maze. The maze generally takes 1 – 2 hours.

Our large corn maze is open during the daytime only.

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